Boldly Writing: A Trek Fan and Fanfiction History 1967-1987

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Length: 288
Published On: 2003-03-26
MSRP: 15.95 USD

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Discover the rich, untold history of early Star Trek fandom. Learn how the fans kept interest in the show alive through conventions, clubs, zines, and newsletters after it was canceled and through the times when new movies and series were produced.

Curious about the circumstances behind the cancellation of The Original Series and how viewers worked to bring it back to the large and small screens? Searching for insights into the development of the Trek fandom? Looking to connect with the originators of some of your favorite phrases? Joan Marie Verba has been a Star Trek fan since the very beginning, both as a dedicated watcher from the show’s premiere and as a formative member of the burgeoning community as far back as 1969. And now she’s here to share her compelling retrospective of how two decades of pre-internet passion for the show built a fanbase destined to live long and prosper.

Boldly Writing: A Trek Fan and Fanfiction History, 1967-1987 is an extraordinary chronology of the amateur creations used to keep the story of Star Trek going when hopes for a revival were dim. With twenty years of collected zines and insider context, Verba brings to light the powerful grassroots movement that put the starship Enterprise back on the air. Grab your copy of Boldly Writing and see exactly what it was like living as a dedicated fan before it grew into the most famous science fiction series of all time.

In Boldly Writing, you’ll discover:
How zealous viewers fought to bring their beloved series back after it was canned and helped preserve this part of TV history
Rare material and print production driving the fanzine explosion that created a loyal following like no other
The dedicated, widespread operations taken to organize Trek clubs and conventions.
Origin stories from this groundbreaking series for everyday catchphrases
Humorous anecdotes relating to fan special interest groups, successes, and much, much more!
Boldly Writing: A Trek Fan and Fanfiction History, 1967-1987 is your straight-to-the-point source for the impressive underpinnings of the long-living Star Trek fandom. If you like carefully crafted chronicles, stunning revelations, and surprising true stories, then you’ll love Joan Marie Verba’s fascinating book.