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No, your eyes don’t deceive you. There actually is a book dedicated to making 40 Star Trek-themed cocktails at home. Who wouldn’t be tempted by an ‘Earl Grey Martini‘?. A ‘Live Long And Prosper‘? A ‘Spock’s Slipper‘? These and many more are contained within the pages of this rather neat little book that would look nice and sit firmly on a bookshelf in the kitchen next to a ‘Star Trek‘ cookbook, ready to be opened and enjoyed. And why not? Each recipe would tickle the tastebuds and provide a rather refreshing alcoholic tipple for the discerning (or non-discerning) guest. Create your own Ten-Forward bar inside the luxury of your own home and in the process, amaze your friends with your prowess at making tasty and enjoyable beverages for them to consume.

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Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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