S.D. Perry on Lcarscom.net discussing “Section 31”

S.D. Perry was recently featured on Lcarscom.net to discuss Section 31:

S.D. Perry has been writing novelizations and media tie ins for about 7 years. Thanks to her experience in that field, she was brought onboard as one of the new Deep Space Nine writers. She has been tasked to pick up where the series left off in order to take the storyline (and us) in a brand new direction. Danelle is the author of the short story Sins of the Mother and Allegro Ouroboros in D minor found in the anthology book The Lives of Dax. Avatar will be Danelle’s first (and second) Star Trek book. She will also be writing the Original Series Section 31 book due out June of 2001.

Check out the S.D. Perry author page to view other sightings and a full list of books!

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Adam Selvidge
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