Andy Mangels on discussing “Trek Novels”

Andy Mangels was recently featured on to discuss Trek Novels:

Andy Mangels’ connection to Star Trek goes back further than even most serious Trek fans probably realize. Though he’s best known as the co-author of more than a dozen Trek novels, among them TNG: Section 31: Rogue, DS9: Prophecy and Change, Titan Book 1—Taking Wing, Enterprise: The Good that Men Do, and Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru, all released between 2001 and 2008, Mangels actually first entered the Trek realm in the early 1990’s when he worked on a couple of TNG comic books that went unpublished by DC. A few years later, he tapped out text for the packaging and inserts of Trek statuettes and ornament from Applause, and by 1997 he, along with now-former writing partner Michael A. Martin, was writing DS9 comics for Marvel. And from 1998 to 2000, Mangels and Martin wrote copy for the Atlas Editions Star Trek Universe card programs, which ultimately led them to Pocket Books and their many Trek novels. During a recent, extensive interview, Mangels discussed his Trek work, contemplated how his status as the franchise’s only openly gay author impacted his work, chatted about his non-Trek efforts, and caught us up on what he’s doing now.

Check out the Andy Mangels author page to view other sightings and a full list of books!

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