Dayton Ward on discussing “Strange New Worlds”

Dayton Ward was recently featured on to discuss Strange New Worlds:

It’s just over ten years since Dayton Ward’s first Star Trek tale was published. Since his short story Reflections earned him a slot in the first Strange New Worlds anthology, he’s revisited the Trek universe on over 20 occasions, often with writing partner Kevin Dilmore. His latest project, though, is a little different. Rather than pushing the boundaries of the final frontier, he and Dilmore are taking a trip to modern-day Seattle, writing the second tie-in novel based on The 4400. The book, entitled Wet Work, is set during the show’s second season, and Dayton has kindly agreed to discuss the novel with Unreality SF.

Check out the Dayton Ward author page to view other sightings and a full list of books!

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Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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