“Star Trek: The Next Generation: 61 Diplomatic Implausibility” Review by Trek Lit Reviews

Trek Lit Reviews has a review up for ‘s “Star Trek: The Next Generation: 61 Diplomatic Implausibility”:

Over the past few decades, the idea of having an all-Klingon Star Trek series has occasionally been bandied about by fans. The idea of Star Trek from not only a non-human perspective, but from a non-Federation perspective, is a compelling one that is understandably enticing. I have never thought that a non-Federation perspective series is a good idea; however, the occasional flirtation with the idea works well. Deep Space Nine episodes such as “Soldiers of the Empire” and “Once More Unto the Breach” feature adventures almost entirely from the perspective of the Klingons, and those two are among my favorite episodes.

At first glance of the cover, Diplomatic Implausibility appears to be a standard TNG novel, but open to the story and you’ll discover it is anything but. While the primary story involves Worf’s first assignment as Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire, it’s the “supporting cast” who are the true stars of the novel. Diplomatic Implausibility introduces a new ship and crew to the TrekLit universe: the Chancellor-class Klingon cruiser I.K.S. Gorkon under the command of Captain Klag.

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Adam Selvidge
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