“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Millennium: 1 The Fall of Terok Nor” Review by Literary Treks

Literary Treks has a review up for “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Millennium: 1 The Fall of Terok Nor“:

Mysterious events are taking place on Deep Space Nine: Quark is accused of murdering a visiting Andorian, Jake and Nog reveal a mysterious, hidden holosuite deep in the bowels of the station, and a fearsome Cardassian scientist arrives for sinister purposes. All of these events relate to a mystery that has lain dormant since the withdrawal of the Cardassian forces from DS9 following the end of the Occupation of Bajor: a lost set of orbs that may have the ability to set the apocalypse in motion!

In this episode of , hosts Bruce Gibson and Dan Gunther discuss the first book in the Deep Space Nine: Millennium trilogyThe Fall of Terok Nor by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens. We talk about the periods of time the book covers, a somewhat confusing but compelling plot, some fun elements of the story, the varied cast of villains, questions we’re left with at the end of the novel, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.

In the news segment, we talk a bit about Star Trek: Discovery: The Making of Season One, available now from Titan books!

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