Larry Nemecek reminds us that he has a new book coming out soon

Larry Nemecek goes into deep details about his upcoming book, “Stellar Cartography” which is an update to a 2013 book that was well received.

This 2018 UPDATE includes a complete add-on for every star or planet, starbase, and other stellar location mentioned through Season 1 of Discovery — with two exceptions that the writers want to do themselves (guess which!). Check out this sample (at right) of my rough mock-up from the set’s apex piece, the infamous “Map 10” — or what I call the “National Geographic mega-map” of the set)—for a clue to how we worked. The guidebook’s history text is also updated, as needed.

He goes on to mention that the book has a 1/3 price reduction as a part of a preorder bonus, so if you’re like to spend only $30 instead of $50, now’s the time to preorder!

Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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