Author Sighting: Dayton Ward on Discovery Debrief

Dayton Ward with Star Trek figures

Dayton Ward was recently featured on Discovery Debrief for a discussion of his contributions to Star Trek: Discovery and to Star Trek in general:

DAYTON WARD, STAR TREK expanded universe author of such titles as FROM HISTORY’S SHADOW and DISCOVERY: DRASTIC MEASURES (the subject of DISCOVERY DEBRIEF Episode 20), joins our panel for a wide-ranging conversation concerning everything from how he broke into writing for the franchise, his ideas on how to tell stories within the sandbox of STAR TREK canon, how his time in the United States Marine Corps influences the way he sees Starfleet and the Federation, his favorite episodes and movies, and inside information on what it was like to write a novel tying into STAR TREK’s latest TV series!

Check out Dayton Ward‘s books on his author page!

Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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