Gives A Glimpse at Upcoming Incredibuilds has a brief blurb on the Original Series version of the Incredibuilds USS Enterprise model kit that are due to be released in June:

Ready to build your very own U.S.S. Enterprises? You’ll get your chance this summer, when Insight Editions releases IncrediBuilds: Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise Book and 3D Wood Model and IncrediBuilds: Star Trek: The Next Generation: U.S.S. Enterprise Book and 3D Wood Model, two separate books that feature Star Trek wood model kits (1701 and 1701-D) and full-color books with facts and trivia about two of the most-iconic starships in history, real or sci-fi. And, they’re written by Dayton Ward, the prolific author whose Trek work includes the recent novel, Star Trek: Discovery: Drastic Measures.

Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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