Star Trek Books Coming In The Next 30 Days, as of July 9th, 2024


Star Trek: Lost to Eternity
July 23, 2024

A thrilling new Star Trek “movie era” novel from New York Times bestselling author Greg Cox! Three Eras. Three Mysteries. One Ancient Enemy? 2024: Almost forty years ago, marine biologist Gillian Armstrong stormed away from her dream job at San Francisco’s Cetacean Institute—and was never seen or heard from again. Now a new true crime […]


Star Trek: The Illustrated Oral History: The Original Cast
July 31, 2024

The original cast and crew of Gene Roddenberrys’ Star Trek discuss the making of the iconic show and films in this fully illustrated collector’s edition. Featuring interviews with the U.S.S Enterprise crew members William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Walter Koenig, and James Doohan. This illustrated book compiles years of unmissible […]


Star Trek Annual 2024 #1
July 17, 2024

With no one but himself to blame for his brother’s sudden escape during the Klingon Day of Blood, Lieutenant Commander Data sheds his Starfleet uniform for an ensemble inspired by none other than Sherlock Holmes to track down Lore’s whereabouts… and figure out what sinister plans he’s been scheming. With the one and only Miles […]

Star Trek #22
July 17, 2024

The meeting of the gods at the Pleroma continues as Captain Sisko confronts his celestial mother in the very fabric of space and time! Why was he called home to help in the fight against Kahless, only to be forbidden from attempting to protect the universe from the brutal aftermath? Meanwhile, Beverly Crusher boldly outmaneuvers […]

Star Trek: Picard’s Academy: Commit No Mistakes TPB
July 23, 2024

Go back to academy days with one of Starfleet’s most celebrated officers: Jean-Luc Picard! A new collected series by New York Times best-selling author, Sam Maggs. Before becoming the Federation’s finest, Jean-Luc was an ordinary student at Starfleet Academy with sights on the stars. His path forward was charted: blow his classmates out of the […]

Star Trek: Defiant #17
July 24, 2024

Enter a brand-new arc and the beginning of a new era for the disavowed, mercenary crew of the U.S.S. Defiant! Political corruption ensues as Sela and her father, General Revo, leverage the imprisoned Defiant crewmates to kidnap the Romulan praetor and chairman of Tal Shiar Intelligence to advance their sinister plot to take over Romulus…

Star Trek: Holo-Ween TPB
August 6, 2024

Horrors from Starfleet’s past are back with a vengeance in this miniseries. To save the ship, Picard and crew will have to become monsters themselves! The evil Redjac presence—a.k.a. Jack the Ripper from the Star Trek episode “Wolf in the Fold”—has returned. And this time it has a new terrifying tool at its disposal: the […]

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