Happy 2024 Birthday to Bernd Perplies!

(2017, photo by DianeAnna)

Happy birthday to Bernd Perplies!

Bernd Perplies is a german writer, translator and journalist from Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany.

Bernd Perplies studied Film Science, Germanistics, Book Sciences and Psychology in Mainz. He was then employed by the German Film Institute in Frankfurt am Main, where he worked as an editor of filmportal.de between 2004 and 2009. He also works besides that as an editor for SpaceView magazine, and as a translator for the Heel publishing house, Pegasus Games and Cross Cult.

His debut novel “Tarean – Sohn des Fluchbringers” appeared in August 2008. The novel reached 3rd place at the Deutschen Phantastik Preis-Award 2009 in the category “Best German-language Novel”. He won in the next Years also several german SF and Fantasy Awards.

At the Perry Rhodan Worldcon 2011 Bernd Perplies learned about the new “Perry Rhodan” series “Perry Rhodan NEO” and applied for a cooperation. In April 2012 his first novel appeared in the series.Since then he has written as a guest for this franchise.

Check out the Bernd Perplies author page to view more author updates and a full list of books!

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