Out Today: “From Slavery to Star Trek”

Out today is another book, titled “From Slavery to Star Trek“, by .

Andreea Kindryd, at, 80 is a story teller like no other.

Her slave ancestors taught her a lesson of love rather than hate and equipped her to be one of the first two black staff hired by a major television studio, though she jokes that it took a riot to get her the job.

A young militant black woman, who hung out with Malcolm X and ran errands for Martin Luther King, Jr, she faced the challenges of a journey on the Starship Enterprise, as Production Assistant for a Klansman’s son, Gene Coon who wrote the most human of Star Trek’s scripts.

From Shankleville Freedom Colony in 1800’s Texas to California – this book will take you on Andreea’s raw, almost brutally honest journey, from a burning building in Watts to the set of Star Trek.

It’s comedy and history, drama and politics, sex and drugs…

Strap yourself in, or “beam me up Andee”, for one helluva story!

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Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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