New Star Trek Book: “Star Trek Shipyards: Alpha Quadrant and Major Species Volume 2 Lysian to Romulan”

Star Trek Shipyards: Alpha Quadrant and Major Species Volume 2 Lysian to Romulan by has been added to the site!

So many allies and enemies … here is the 2nd of 3 Shipyards books collecting them all! Includes ships from the hit series Picard!


The Federation encounters countless ships in the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Quadrants, and Hero Collector’s popular line of Star Trek Shipyards books continues to beam fans right inside those spacecrafts as seen in Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: The Original Series, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Each featured ship – the Romulan warbird, for example, is profiled with technical details, in-universe operational history, and illustrated with plan-view CG renders, wherever possible utilizing the original VFX models created for the Star Trek shows and features from across the franchise’s remarkable 55 years.


This volume features over 35 ships, including the Merchantman, Minosian Echo Papa 207, Nausicaan Raider, Norkova, Peliar Zel Beta Moon Vessel, Planet Killer, Promellian Battlecruiser, Reman Scimitar, Rigelian Freighters, and the Romulan D7, Science Vessel, “Snakehead” Ship, D’Deridex Class, And Valdore.

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