Eaglemoss Graphic Novel Collection #17: Mirrored

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Published On: 2017-08-16

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The countdown to darkness continues in this fantastic hardback graphic novel, brought to you by the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection.

Follow the Enterprise crew as they get closer to the events of the second reboot movie, STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS.

IDW’s STAR TREK series re-visits the Mirror Universe in a two-issue story where the Terran Empire has just won a long and bloody war against the Klingons. The lives of our heroes twist yet again in this dark and ruthless parallel reality.

Other issues explore the characters further as they show what a redshirt’s life looks like, how Scotty and Keenser first met, how Bones ended up in that seat next to Jim, and the first weeks of Spock’s and Uhura’s relationship.