“These Are the Voyages: TOS: Season 1 Revised and Expanded Edition” Review by Borg.com

Borg.com has added a new review for and and and ‘s “These Are the Voyages: TOS: Season 1 Revised and Expanded Edition”:

Marc Cushman’s adaptation of his own work, with Susan Osborn, smartly distills his lengthy first volume into the key narrative elements–Gene Roddenberry’s arrival in Hollywood, the development of Star Trek, Roddenberry’s assemblage of creators, directors, producers, writers, and actors for his series, and the episode by episode chronicle of the ups and downs of season one. Mignogna is a fantastic choice to walk the audience along, a mix of 1930s radioplay storyteller and Ken Burns’ award-winning series of documentaries. For anyone afraid of embarking on a lengthy 658-page non-fiction book, this is your answer.

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Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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