Bjo and John Trimble on Enterprising Individuals

enterprising individuals 1024x266 Bjo and John Trimble on Enterprising Individuals

Bjo and John Trimble were recently featured on Enterprising Individuals:

Whether you’re binging on DS9 episodes on Netflix, or tucking into your favorite Star Trek novel, or just climbing the walls in anticipation of Star Trek: Discovery, there’s a couple living in California that you can thank for it all. Bjo and John Trimble join the show this week to talk about the letter-writing campaign they organized in 1967 to save Star Trek from cancellation after its second season, and along the way they share stories about the “power of ten”, the wisdom of on-set caterers, eating BBQ chicken with the Original Series crew, rigging Nielsen ratings, the Star Trek Concordance, and their additional efforts in influencing NASA to name the first Space Shuttle “Enterprise”! Plus, they share stories about Gene Roddenberry, George Takei, John de Lancie, Ricardo Montalban, and David Gerrold’s adventures in ice cream making! All that and Bjo gives us the real dirt on Harlan Ellison! Fascinating! Listen today!

Check out Bjo Trimble’s books on her author page!

no profile Bjo and John Trimble on Enterprising Individuals
Author: Adam Selvidge

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