Joseph F. Berenato Interview With Treklinks

Joseph F. Berenato Joseph F. Berenato Interview With Treklinks

Joseph F. Berenato was featured on Treklinks back in 2014 and I’m just now finding out about it:

Nearly 47 years have passed since the first Star Trek comic was published in 1967. Hundreds of comics creators have kept Trekkies entertained with four-color tales published in more than one thousand Star Trek comics. What is it about these comics that keeps us engaged? This August, Sequart Organization will try to answer that question with the release of a collection of essays edited by Joseph F. Berenato that explore Star Trek comics. TrekMovie interviews Joe to learn what motivated him to take on this project and we’ll give you a heads up about what you’ll find in the book.

Check out Joseph F. Berenato‘s books on his author page!

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