I’m headed to Shore Leave 44!

July 26 – 28, 2024
Wyndham Lancaster Resort and Convention Center in Lancaster, PA

After many years of saving, I’m heading off on a trip to visit the fine folks at Shore Leave, this being the 44th event they’ve hosted.  This is going to be their first year at a new location (the old one is no longer among the living), so it’s a great jumping on point and gives me the opportunity to meet a significant number of authors that I’ve written and told you all about.  The list includes: , and .  The authors in bold are ones that agreed to a pre-show interview, most of which are already done and just need some editing and framing from yours truly.  The interviews all have fun technical problems (guess I need to record their mics too?), fun nature problems (Florida thunderstorm in the middle of KRAD’s time), and possible interruptions by cats.  I’m enthusiastic about the content, but far from top level professional.  Yet.

The interviews will start dropping soon, and I plan on having an after action post about what went on up there along with pictures, if I can remember to take some while I’m all amped up to meet cool Trek people.  I’m told there’s also going to be a number of tv / movie personalities there as well, but they’re outside the scope of what I’m working on here.

Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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