Star Trek Books Coming In The Next 30 Days, as of June 14, 2024


Star Trek: Lost to Eternity
July 23, 2024

A thrilling new Star Trek “movie era” novel from New York Times bestselling author Greg Cox! Three Eras. Three Mysteries. One Ancient Enemy? 2024: Almost forty years ago, marine biologist Gillian Armstrong stormed away from her dream job at San Francisco’s Cetacean Institute—and was never seen or heard from again. Now a new true crime […]


The Art of George Wilson
July 2, 2024

What made many of the great adventure comics of the 1960s so attractive were their fantastic painted covers by artist George Wilson. Wilson’s covers harkened back to the era of pulp magazines and were spectacularly eye-catching. He turned in efforts for literally hundreds of comics titles including: Classics Illustrated, The Twilight Zone, Ripley’s Believe It […]

Strange Novel Worlds

July 11, 2024

Since the publication of the first James Blish novelizations of Star Trek episodes in 1967, close to 900 tie-in novels, anthologies, and omnibus editions have been published. Star Trek tie-in novels have had a significant influence on Western popular culture. The works of beloved science fiction authors have shaped the way fans understand Star Trek […]


Star Trek #21
June 19, 2024

Welcome to the Pleroma, a place outside time and space where god-level species have gathered to discuss the fate of the universe! It’s up to Captain Sisko and his valiant crew of the U.S.S. Theseus to persuade the gods to allow them to help repair Kahless’ unraveling of space-time-but will they listen to mere mortals […]

Star Trek: Defiant HC #2
June 19, 2024

Still reeling from the battle on Qo’noS, Worf and the Defiant crew have been ordered to return to Starfleet headquarters. Despite their heroic actions, the Federation can’t celebrate the crew’s involvement in the fight against Kahless and the Red Path. In fact, they’re forced to discharge Worf and his crew! With the unspoken, unwritten agreement […]

Star Trek: Defiant #16
June 26, 2024

It’s now or never for the Defiant crew if they are to survive the parasitic infestation on the isolated Section 31 outpost Starbase 99. But with B’Elanna still connected to both Borg ally Hugh and the parasite hivemind, Nymira nowhere to be found, and a giant portal connecting their reality to a horde of hellish […]

Star Trek Annual 2024 #1
July 3, 2024

With no one but himself to blame for his brother’s sudden escape during the Klingon Day of Blood, Lieutenant Commander Data sheds his Starfleet uniform for an ensemble inspired by none other than Sherlock Holmes to track down Lore’s whereabouts… and figure out what sinister plans he’s been scheming. With the one and only Miles […]

Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #4
July 3, 2024

The final chapter! What do you get when you cross three of the Federation’s most celebrated sons with a misguided god? An alternate reality full of lessons that may be just what the doctor ordered. But with Jake Sisko’s enrollment in the Pennington School, Alexander Rozhenko’s prison sentence, and Nog’s first Starfleet posting all fast […]

Star Trek #22
July 17, 2024

The meeting of the gods at the Pleroma continues as Captain Sisko confronts his celestial mother in the very fabric of space and time! Why was he called home to help in the fight against Kahless, only to be forbidden from attempting to protect the universe from the brutal aftermath? Meanwhile, Beverly Crusher boldly outmaneuvers […]

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