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Nemi Prit, Etom’s granddaughter and Jadzia’s chosen sister, applied for a symbiont and got rejected twice. Once a bright, spunky kid who inspired Jadzia with her optimism, she is now a jaded gambler and part of a sinister secret society that calls themselves Kael’tach, “The Elevated”. While trying to figure out how Nemi changed so much and why the Symbiosis Commission failed her, Dax runs into her own unresolved issues with the Trill Joining authorities: Curzon failing Jadzia due to personal bias (DS9 s03e29 “Facets”) and the erasure of former host Joran from the Dax symbiont’s memories (s03e04 “Equilibrium”). Joran appears to Jadzia in visions, warning her of danger, but can he be trusted? Why did he really commit the murders that led to his consciousness being erased? And what else is the Commission hiding? Dax is determined to find out.

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Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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