This is a real, working, Star Trek:style Tricorder

89249568909c86c75504c1778f327454 This is a real, working, Star Trek:style Tricorder

Upon holding the Tricorder near a power adapter plugged into the wall, you could see the oscillating magnetic fields on the magnetometer visualization. There they were, slowly bouncing back and forth, right in front of you… More educational discoveries came quickly — from finding all the heat leaks from different building materials in my graduate student apartment in a century home, to how much humidity is exhaled in a breath… And from that moment on, it seemed like much of the mystery of how they worked I now understood — I could think about what was going on inside them easier and more naturally, now that I had this visual grounding of the science going on inside. This is why I built the Tricorder.

via This is a real, working, Star Trek-style Tricorder | DVICE.

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