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Starting a couple weeks ago I began adding a significant number of the Star Trek Comic Books to the Star Trek Book Club, and I believe that I have them all on the site now.  In the process of doing this, I made a determination that the comics and to a greater extent, magazines, should be held separate from the standard “books” category, in nearly every regard with the exception of Storylines, which do have a few crossovers among the various types of stories.  The comics fit nicely into the taxonomies and fields that I already have configured for books, but there’s still a couple things that I need to figure out.  I’ve never been super happy with having two entries for anyone that was both a Narrator and an Author, and adding in comics with it’s various configurations of editors, writers, artists, and other assorted creative credits isn’t going to help things along very well in that regard.

I’d like to thank the fantastic work of the Grand Comics Database. the vast majority of the data points that I’m using for the comic books on the STBC came from their hard work, and you’ll find a link to them on nearly every one of the comic’s details pages.   If you disagree with any of those datapoints, or you think something’s missing, leave a comment below!

Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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