Star Wreck V: The Undiscovered Nursing Home

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Published by:
ISBN-10: 0312951221
ISBN-13: 978-0312951221
Length: 149
Published On: 1993-09-01

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Captain Smirk turns teen-spirited bad boy!

Cruising the universe in search of babes is just too cool to quit. So when crotchety Captain Smirk and his crusty crew of space geezers are forced into an overdue retirement, he warps it back to the Romanumens and the Fountain of Youth.

Starfreak Command sends Captain Jean-Lucy Ricardo to rein in the renegade wrekkie. But Smirk and his crew have built an amusement park around the Fountain of Youth and guzzled themselves back to teenybopperdom! Now it’s up to Commander Bungeeman Crisco, the new kid in the galaxy. And when he sends the wrong crew to the Vacant Attic Nursing Home, it could spell trouble for Starfreak’s Fountain of Youth revenue.

Will Captain Smirk and Commander Crisco cut the deal of the millennium? Will Captain Picardo spend the rest of his days weaving potholders? Who cares?! Either way, it’s a laugh riot!