Star Wreck: The Generation Gap

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ISBN-10: 0312928025
ISBN-13: 978-0312928025
Length: 117
Published On: 1992-01-15

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Storyline: ,
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Captain James T. Smirk

He’s Starfreak Command’s elder statesman, back in action after an eighty-year retirement with his old crew, “the galaxy’s original well-balanced, multi-ethnic, equal opportunity team.” How do they stay alive? It’s all thanks to Mr. Smock’s discovery of that life-giving substance — yogurt!

Captain Jean-Lucy Ricardo

He and his “next generation” crew have enough trouble trying to defeat the menace of the Cellulites — the galaxy’s biggest, baddest, most obese aliens — without having to put up with a bunch of over-the-hill space geezers. Can their combined forces survive the awesome Cellulite encounter? Will romance blossom between Captain Smirk and Counselor Dee Troit — when all he wants out of life is a cute yeoman with a beehive hairdo? And can little Westerley Flusher, child prodigy and cosmic Twinkie addict, save the day — as usual?

When captains collide, it’s a Star Wreck