Star Wreck 6: Geek Space Nine

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ISBN-10: 0312952236
ISBN-13: 978-0312952235
Length: 136
Published On: 1994-04-01

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Storyline: ,
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Space, the finite frontier…

An epidemic of mass boredom has struck Geek Space Nine! The space station’s inhabitants are caricatures of themselves, drama has given way to melodrama, and the resultant yawnfest is scaring away alien travelers in droves.

Starfreak Command, mortgaged to the hilt for this pricey dump alongside the strategic Gummi-Quadrant wormhole, orders Captains Smirk and Ricardo to plug the tourism drain. But their crewmembers start disappearing — and Commander Bungeeman Crisco and Security Chief Dodo can’t solve the mystery.

Will the crews of both USS Endocrines remain in the mysterious Talent Void? Or will they somehow finish their mission to help Major Vera Obese, Lieutenant Jazzy Fax, and Dr. Julio Brassiere overcome terminal tedium? Whatever the result, it’s another excuse to laugh yourself into unknown dimentia!