Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection #176 Tarellian Starship

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Published On: 2020-06-17
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Seeking refuge this Tarellian Starship joins our Star Trek Official Starship Collection as featured in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Haven”.

Tarellian starship, also known as Tarellian plague ships, were the refugee vessels transporting the last survivors after biological weaponry ravaged Tarella with plague. Nearly every planet either turned away or destroyed these starships out of fear of spreading the sickness. Wyatt Miller joined the crew of the last Tarellian starship hoping someday to find a cure for the plague.

This Tarellian starship has been painstakingly recreated in die-cast and high-quality ABS materials then handpainted with an incredible level of detail. The model perfectly captures the unearthly design of the ship with a blue globe in the centre.

Inside the magazine is an in-depth profile of the Tarellian Starship, how the model was created and behind the scenes of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Haven”.