Star Trek: The Movies

Published by:
ISBN-10: 1556980302
ISBN-13: 978-1556980305
Length: 113
Published On: 1987-01-01

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Star Trek has become an international phenomenon. Although the television series did not score strong ratings when it first appeared, years after its cancellation it remains one of the most popular shows of all time. The central characters, particularly Kirk and Spock, have passed into myth and become a part of our universal language. The movie series, the central focus of this book, has become one of the most popular continuing film serials of all time, with almost a guaranteed profit for the producers.

This book packs everything that makes the Star Trek Universe work into one big volume. Combined herein you will not only find the storylines of each fabulous film but interviews with such diverse players as Leonard Nimoy, the director and foremost Vulcan, the screenwriters and Catherine Hicks, the first person from our century to join the 23rd Century! And there’s loads more fun inside as well! Just take a look and you’ll be hooked, whether you’re a Trekker or not!