Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Companion

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On The Cover: ISBN-10: 0671501062
ISBN-13: 978-0671501068
Length: 736
Published On: 2000-08-01

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Erdmann was given unprecedented access to every aspect of the production of Star Trek Deep Space Nine in order to compile this book which is considered, by some, the ultimate guide to Star Trek’s grittiest and most complex series. Insight into the making of Deep Space Nine is provided by the set designers, cast and crew, and the writers and producers. Characters over the series have grown and developed, matured and met several challenges, learnt to cope with disaster and joy, defeat and victory. Each one has had his or her story played out around the space station Deep Space Nine, which is guarding the wormhole against invading Dominion forces. Episode by episode this companion takes readers through the seven-year drama, reliving the moments as the story unfolds.