“Star Trek: Picard — Rogue Elements” Review by Treknews.net

Treknews.net has added a new review for ‘s “Star Trek: Picard — Rogue Elements”:

John Jackson Miller is no stranger to Star Trek. The prolific writer likely most well-known for his Star Wars authorship has tackled the current era of Trek before with Star Trek: Discovery: The Enterprise War and Star Trek: Discovery: Die Standing. Now, Jackson turns to Star Trek: Picard as the basis for his latest book, Rogue Elements, a tale about the roguish Cristobal Rios (who, for our money, was one of the most intriguing new characters from that show). Without venturing into spoilers, fans should know that Rogue Elements proves to be a fantastic precursor to Picard and deepens our appreciation for Rios as he navigates an adventure eight years before the titular show.

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Adam Selvidge
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