“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Avatar Book One” Review by Tor.com

Tor.com has added a new review for ‘s “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Avatar Book One”:

Avatar, Book One kicks off the DS9 Relaunch in a deft and accomplished manner. Perry adds significant depth to Jake Sisko, and in general does an incredible job with the voice of every character (the one exception would be Bashir). She also introduces new characters smoothly. In a way, this feels like the novelization of the first half of a two-part season premiere. There are obvious parallels with the series pilot itself, “Emissary”: the station is understaffed and in disrepair, a Starfleet officer somewhat existentially adrift is changed by his encounter with an Orb, new alliances are forged, etc. There are also some parallels with the fourth season two-parter “The Way of the Warrior”: ships attack, conflict looms, and a TNG-character, in this case Ro Laren, is now part of DS9. Finally, the introduction of a Jem’Hadar as a potential series regular is also a nod of sorts to a venerable Trek tradition exemplified in “Encounter at Farpoint,” which featured a Klingon (classically foes of the Federation) as a new ally and lead character.

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