New Star Trek Comic Books Announced To Preorder! June 2024 Edition

Star Trek #24

Reality has literally begun collapsing around Captain Sisko and the U.S.S. Theseus crew as they race through space and, one by one, witness the gods be annihilated by the new godkiller! The detonation of a god-scale bomb at the Pleroma started a chain reaction beginning the unraveling of time and space. But the Theseus crew are Starfleet officers ready to step up to the plate and boldly take on the unknown, and their captain is a prophet ready to embrace his godhood for the sake of the universe…or else!

Star Trek Library Collection, Vol. 3

Delve into the history of IDW’s Star Trek comics! Discover series you may have missed or revisit some old favorites in Year Four, Year Four—The Enterprise Experiment, and Alien Spotlight one-shots featuring Vulcans and the Gorn.

The Star Trek Library Collection is a comprehensive line of books that will collect every Star Trek miniseries published by IDW! In Volume 3, read a selection of the Alien Spotlight one-shots and the entirety of the Star Trek: Year Four series.

First, two series set during the fourth year of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s five-year mission! In Star Trek: Year Four the Enterprise encounters a strange series of planets, arranged to look like a strand of DNA floating through space. The crew can’t help but explore once Spock realizes that the desolate structure once supported more than 800 billion beings in the past. By David Tischman, Leonard O’Grady, Steve Conley, Gordon Purcell, and Joe & Rob Sharp. In a sequel to “The Enterprise Incident,” The Enterprise Experiment details the Federation’s experiments with a Romulan cloaking device, by D.C. Fontana, Derek Chester, and Gordon Purcell.

Also collected are two one-shots featuring Vulcans and the Gorn! A Starfleet starship arrives at a planet on the brink of its own destruction. A once peaceful society is now savage and warlike linking itself to the turmoiled past of the Vulcans, by James Patrick and Josep Maria Beloy. Then, after their shuttlecraft crash-lands on an uncharted planet, Captain Terrell and Commander Chekov calculate that their odds of survival are somewhat decreased when they find themselves facing off against an army of Gorn warriors, by Scott & David Tipton and David Messina.

Star Trek: Defiant #19

Miles O’Brien and his trusty holo-helm set course for the planet Antara as Romulan forces prepare to besiege the population with Worf, B’Elanna, and Ro among them. A menacing Romulan blockade stands between him and his friends, but as he braces to brave the Romulans alone, matters are further complicated when an old friend—none other than Dr. Julian Bashir—delivers an urgent message from Section 31. Meanwhile, on Romulus, Commander Sela and Spock uncover a dark secret that General Revo is willing to kill to keep secret…

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