Happy 2024 Birthday to Ronald D. Moore!

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Happy birthday to Ronald D. Moore!

Ronald “Ron” Dowl Moore is a writer and producer of several Star Trek series and films, as well as several other science fiction and genre programs. Moore was recognized for his writing work on the Star Trek franchise with seven award nominations, winning two of them. In his post-Star Trek years, he greatly added to this list of laurels.

While residing in Los Angeles as a struggling and budding writer, Ron Moore started to date a woman who worked on the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In 1989, Moore, an avid fan of the original Star Trek, convinced her to take him on a tour of the lot. He had written a script for the show, which the producers liked enough to actually film. It became “The Bonding”, and Moore was soon hired as a staff writer.

He remained at that position until the end of the series. He co-wrote 27 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation including the series finale, “All Good Things…” for which he won the Hugo Award for excellence in science fiction writing along with Brannon Braga. Moore and Braga also co-wrote two films featuring the Next Generation cast, Star Trek Generations and Star Trek: First Contact. As producer of TNG in 1994, Moore shared an Emmy Award nomination when the series was nominated as Outstanding Drama Series that year.

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