Happy 2024 Birthday to Ben Robinson!

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Happy birthday to Ben Robinson!

Ben Robinson is the English writer and editor of several Star Trek-related reference works and projects.

Robinson is the grandson of Bernard Robinson, most notably known as the production designer of most Hammer films made from 1957 until 1968. A 1991 University of York graduate holding a Masters degree in English and Related Literature, Robinson was an Original Series fan from an early age.

In 1996, Robinson’s first two years of working for GE Fabbri saw him serve as one of the initiators, editors, and writers of the comprehensive Star Trek Fact Files partwork magazine. He worked alongside Marcus Riley, Penny L. Juday, Larry Nemecek, Guy Vardaman, Tim Gaskill, and Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens on this project.

Following the tremendous success of the Fact Files which sold over 50 million units, he was reassigned to edit its US counterpart called Star Trek: The Magazine in 1998. A noted contribution that he made for the latter publication was the extensive interview he conducted with legendary Original Series Art Director Matt Jefferies which was published over five issues during the 2000-2002 run of the magazine. Later, Robinson followed this up with an interview featuring Andrew Probert, one of Jefferies’ successors. Over this period, he conducted interviews with many of the actors, designers, directors, writers, and effects artists involved with the franchise. Nicholas Meyer, Leonard Nimoy, and Robert Wise were among his favorite interviewees. Along the way, Robinson also compiled a massive archive of Trek materials outside of Paramount’s vaults.

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