Happy 2024 Birthday to Diane Duane!

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Happy birthday to Diane Duane!

Diane Elizabeth Duane is the author of numerous Star Trek novels, including The Wounded Sky, Doctor’s Orders and Spock’s World (Pocket TOS), Dark Mirror and Intellivore (Pocket TNG), and the Rihannsu series – My Enemy, My Ally, The Romulan Way, Swordhunt, Honor Blade, and The Empty Chair. She also created a Romulan language for the Rihannsu novels.

Duane is the co-writer of TNG: “Where No One Has Gone Before”, which was loosely based on The Wounded Sky.

Trek comics she has written include “Double Blind, Part One” and “Double Blind, Part II”, “The Last Word”, and the Star Trek: The Next Generation – Ill Wind mini-series.

Diane Duane has worked with Star Trek in perhaps the most forms of anyone alive. Besides comics, novels and TV, she has adapted her own work for audio, has written for the Star Trek manga series by Tokyopop, has written short Trek fiction for anthologies, and plotted and wrote the first Star Trek computer game, Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative.

Duane has also written more than thirty non-Trek books; among these she is probably best known for the Young Wizards series, which is currently in its eighth volume. Other books include the “Feline Wizardry Sequence” and the Door… series. She makes a habit of including Star Trek references in her non-Trek books.

Born in New York City, Duane now lives in County Wicklow, Ireland with her husband Peter Morwood, who has collaborated with her on several books and also on some film and television projects.

A character in “Debt of Honor”, a comic from DC, was named for Diane Duane – a Diane Morwood was the third-in-command of the engineering section of the USS Farragut, and a colleague of Lieutenant James T. Kirk, in 2254.

Check out the Diane Duane author page to view more author updates and a full list of books!

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