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Following on the novel Rise Like Lions, also by David Mack, I picked up Disavowed mostly because I was interested to see what happened to Dr. Julian Bashier. Bashier was the Chief Medical Officer of Deep Space Nine until he learned of a disease that would have wiped out the Andorian race had he not intervened. Unfortunately, he was forced to obtain knowledge in a rather shady way which resulted in him not only being drummed out of Starfleet, but making him a criminal as far as the Federation was concerned. On the other side of the coin, Bashier was successful in saving the Andorians from becoming extinct, and also made it possible for the Andorians (one of the founding races of the United Federation of Planets) to rejoin the Federation. As a result, Bashier was granted asylum on Andor where he is revered as a hero, just the opposite of what he would be considered in every other corner of the Federation.

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