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Warpfactortrek.com has added a new review for ‘s “Star Trek: First Contact: The Making of the Classic Film”:

Normally, making-of books for big movies are released around the time of the movie’s release, and indeed there was a Making Of Star Trek: First Contact written by Lou Anders, Larry Nemecek, and Ian Spelling, published by Titan in December 1996. That collected the articles from Titan’s Official Movie Magazine and Official Poster Magazine with lots of photographs and a section of design art by John Eaves. This book by Joe Fordham is not that book – though it is also published by Titan Books, and does contain some of the same photos, and the John Eaves artwork – as it is a new work that looks at the background of the film and its subsequent legacy role in Star Trek’s development. In other words, it’s more analytical and informational, less of a promotional advertisement for the film, than the earlier book was.

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Adam Selvidge
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