Master Control Book

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Length: 80
Published On: 1986-01-01

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Excelsior Class XIII Battleship
Andor Class IX Cruiser
Constitution Class Xl Cruiser
Enterprise Class XI Cruiser
Reliant Class XI Cruiser
Baker Class IX Destroyer
Larson Class VII Destroyer
Remora Class VII Escort
Northampton Class X Frigate
Chandley Class Xl Frigate
Loknar Class X Frigate
Gagarin Class V Research Vessel
R-1 Orbital Defense Outpost
Alamo Class Defense Outpost
L-24B (Ever-Victorious) Class XIII Battleship
D-7A (Painbringer) Class VIII Cruiser
D-7M (Bringer of Destruction) Class IX Cruiser
D-1OG (Riskadh) Class X Cruiser
D-2B (Stingtongue) Class VI Destroyer
D-1BB (Gull) Class IX Destroyer
K-23F(Little Killer) Class VII Escort
L-9B (Saber) Class X Frigate
L-42B (Great Bird) Class X Frigate
Z-4C (Deathgame) Defense Outpost
Z-1 Nova Class XIII Battleship
CS-2 Graceful Flyer Class V Scout
V-6 (Gallant Wing) Class X Cruiser
V-7 (Whitewind) Class X Cruiser
V-B (Bird Of Prey) Class VI Cruiser
V-30 (Winged Defender) Class XII Cruiser
T-1O (Bright One) Class VI Destroyer
X-3 (Aviary) Border Defense Outpost
BH-2B Class XIII Battleship
MD-BC Class X Cruiser
MA-12 Class VII Cruiser
SS-3A Class VI Destroyer
Lightning Class IV Blockade Runner
Wanderer Class V Blockade Runner
Monarch Class IX Freighter
Lotus Flower Class VII Freighter