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There are, to my knowledge, only two 80’s and 90’s era Star Trek Pocket books that star Uhura as the main character. The first is “Uhura’s Song” by Janet Kagan, and is a great favourite of mine. The second one is “The Tears of the Singers.” Written by Melinda Snodgrass, the same writer who gave us TNG episodes “The Measure of a Man” and “Ensigns of Command,” this novel gives us a rare glimpse into Uhura’s mind and heart. Some elements of the book did not age well, and there are as many missed opportunities as there were in “Uhura’s Song” to make Uhura the hero of her own story. But a novel that lets us get to know this underutilized character better is to be cherished.

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Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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