The Best of Trek #11: Featuring a Complete Guide to the Original Episodes

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ISBN-10: 0451145763
ISBN-13: 978-045114576
Length: 204
Published On: 1986-11-01

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A problem of identity: was Sherlock Holmes a Vulcan?
Kirk in Camelot
The twenty-third century woman
Unsung heroes — Chekov and Sulu

From a look at bellydancing among the stars to Chekov on the analyst’s couch, this eye-opening selection is bursting with information about all your favorite Trek characters. Trek comes alive in a special section on the original TV episodes: the first airing dates, the stars, the directors, the writers, and the special guests. Here’s your chance to transport yourself into the farthest reaches of the universe of Trek. Everything you ever wanted to know about this fabulous world is at your fingertips.