Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection Bonus #20 S.S. Conestoga

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The S.S. Conestoga was the first colony ship that left Earth’s solar system and made a historic nine-year journey to find a new habitable planet that was named Terra Nova. It carried onboard 200 colonists under the command of Captain Mitchell. After landing on the planet, the ship’s parts were used to establish a colony and build the first settlement.

The S.S. Conestoga starship introduced in the episode “Terra Nova” from Star Trek: Enterprise. Although the finished design of the ship only ever appears on a computer screen in the series, this fantastic model of S.S.Conestoga carefully recreates the ship using the artwork of John Eaves. It has a solid structure and is equipped for a long-term journey and the back engines were inspired by the rockets of the space shuttles.

Inside the magazine is an in-depth profile of the S.S. Conestoga looking at the origins of its design, plus we take a look at the early years of Star Trek’s history that are often mysterious.