Greg Cox on discussing “The Rings of Time”

Greg Cox Greg Cox on Unreality discussing The Rings of Time

Greg Cox was recently featured on to discuss The Rings of Time:

Greg Cox is a veteran in the book publishing industry who has fulfilled many different roles over the decades – writing back cover blurbs, working as an editor and writing books himself. But that he is a tie-in writer at heart shows itself when he is watching new TV shows. “It’s pretty much impossible to watch a new show without thinking about the book possibilities!” he laughs. “That’s just how a tie-in writer’s mind works.” And that’s what led him to writing the very first Warehouse 13 novel A Touch of Fever, too. “I’ve been watching the show religiously since Episode One,” he smiles. “In fact, I remember I started thinking about what kind of artefacts I would want to put in a Warehouse 13 book while watching that first ep, long before I ever knew this was a possibility. Imagine my excitement when, several months later, Jen Heddle at Pocket Books asked if, hypothetically, I would be interested in writing a Warehouse 13 book for them. ‘Hell, yes!’”

Check out the Greg Cox author page to view other sightings and a full list of books!

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