Una McCormack on Enterprising Individuals

enterprising individuals 300x78 Una McCormack on Enterprising Individuals

Una McCormack recently appeared on Enterprising Individuals:

New York Times bestselling author and lecturer Dr. Una McCormack joins the show this week as we examine an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that opens a new chapter of the “Russian novel” that is Trek’s most complicated series. The Klingons, spoiling for a fight with the Dominion, have barged their way onto the station and into Bajoran space, and Lt. Commander Worf is dispatched to assess the worsening situation in the sector. But when a Klingon Empire plot to preemptively invade Cardassia is revealed, Sisko and crew must race to protect the Detapa Council, and Starfleet’s lone Klingon officer must choose between his people and his principles!

Check out the Una McCormack’s author page to view other sightings and a full list of books!

no profile Una McCormack on Enterprising Individuals
Author: Adam Selvidge

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