Out Today: “Star Trek #11”

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Out today: “Star Trek #11“, by .

The crossover event between Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant continues here in part three of DAY OF BLOOD!
Only emissary Sisko and his crew of Starfleet’s finest and disgraced ambassador Worf and his band of insurgents can save the universe. But they are divided in every sense of the word…
In space, Lieutenants Paris and Torres fight over control of the Defiant while Spock and Scotty do everything they can to keep the Theseus from being cleaved in two. On the ground, Ro and Sela have given up hope, and siblings Data and Lore can’t see eye to eye-all while their captains resist the urge to tear each other apart.
Can they defeat Kahless and his Red Path when they cannot overcome their own differences?

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Author: Adam Selvidge

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