The Literary Galaxy of Star Trek: An Analysis of References and Themes in the Television Series and Films

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On The Cover: ISBN-10: 0786425717
ISBN-13: 978-0786425716
Length: 239
Published On: 2006-04-04

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How is the android Data like Shakespeare’s character Hamlet? Is the vengeful Khan an echo of Captain Ahab in Moby Dick? The links between Star Trek and literature are many. Themes and characters reflect those in classic literature and characters quote literature in their dialogue. Furthermore, like literature, Star Trek seeks to help humans understand the world and its place in the universe. This book explores all of those connections.

From Captain Kirk’s first appearance in the original series, through the four subsequent series and ten movies, this book draws parallels between Star Trek stories and literary classics such as Hamlet, Paradise Lost, Ulysses, Dracula, and the New Testament, and works by the likes of Booker T. Washington, Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespeare. Appendices list the literary works discussed and the episodes and movies mentioned, each giving the chapters where references can be found.