Starfleet Dynamics

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Length: 193
Published On: 1991-01-01

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The 23rd Century Officer’s Bible

Technical information updated to Stardate 9100.00

All-Net Format and Layout – Easy to Access Files

Thorough and Complete Articles- Over 150 illustrations

“A must-read textbook for all Starfleet Cadets and Midshipmen in any Training Program,”
-Commodore M. Thurlow – Federation Marine Corp

“…invaluable reference volume to any Starfleet Offer-worthy successor to the Tech Manual.”
-V. Adm. J. Horowitz
Flagship U.S.S. Nimitz

“Starfleet has kept the peace for over 100 years. Without question, the key to this performance has been the training given its Officers. This manual carries on that fine tradition.”
-R. Adm. E. Rogers (ret.)
Starfleet Academy