Star Trek Universe

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Published On: 2023-01-23
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This special issue celebrates all things Star Trek, the sci-fi phenomenon that changed the galaxy forever — and for better. Find out how creator Gene Roddenberry’s bold 1966 series was a flop upon its initial release, only to find vindication in syndication thanks to devoted “Trekkies” whose fandom-fueled fervor (and cosplaying conventions!) turned a cult classic into a multibillion-dollar franchise that has lived long and prospered for more than five decades. A captain’s log of every TV spinoff (including the five current shows streaming on Paramount+) and all 13 motion pictures (William Shatner passes Kirk’s communicator on to Chris Pine!), this mission-oriented magazine takes readers on a fantastic voyage by reliving memorable moments (like Captain Kirk and Uhura’s culture-shocking kiss!), sharing behind-the-scenes secrets (like how Leonard Nimoy really felt about being synonymous with Spock) and asking the tough questions to scientists (can the metaverse ever catch to the Holodeck?). Star Trek is so influentially embedded in pop culture that it can be easy to forget what made the franchise historic in the first place — but this collectible issue is here to remind us.

2 Introduction

4 Where Sci-fi Has Gone Before

14 Making History

28 The Motion Picture

34 The 100 Greatest Moments

50 The Villians

56 Venus Calling

64 Getting Animated

66 Behind The Scenes

76 Space Reality

82 Quiz

86 New Frontiers

92 The Big Con

95 War of the Words

94 A Novel Approach

95 A Comic Book Marvel

96 Space Chatter