Star Trek: The Role Playing Game: Cadet’s Orientation Sourcebook

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Length: 40
Published On: 1983-01-01

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This book is part of the Basic Set (FASA 2004) along with the Star Fleet Officer’s Manual, Star Trek: The Role Playing Game Operations Manual. All three of these books, combined with the Starship Tactical Combat Simulator made up the deluxe set (FASA 2001). The following are the basics of what is covered by the manual: Contents

  • Sample character data record for Lieutenant Commander Lee Sterling, USS Lexington. Introduction and Time Line
  • Orientation for all cadets
  • Timeline of Star Trek history
  • Star Trek terminology Starfaring races
  • Andorians
  • Caitians
  • Edoans
  • Gorn
  • Humans
  • Klingons
  • Orions
  • Romulans
  • Tellarites
  • Tholians
  • Vulcans Governments
  • Klingon Empire
  • Romulan Star Empire
  • Orion Colonies
  • Gorn Alliance
  • Tholian Assembly
  • United Federation of Planets Star Fleet organization
  • Star Base Headquarters Command
  • Military Operations Command
  • Galaxy Exploration Command
  • Colonial Operations Command
  • Merchant Marine Command
  • Marine Corps Command
  • Star Fleet Academy
  • Rank and position
  • Star Fleet insignia
  • Star Fleet chain of command
  • Ship classifications Encounters in space
  • A handbook for Star Vessel Protocols Personal equipment Sidearms Medical equipment Shipboard systems Enterprise personnel file Command personnel