Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection #168 Suliban Cargo Ship

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This lightly armed Suliban Cargo Ship was operated by the Suliban Cabal during the 22nd century. Enterprise NX-01 encountered this futuristic vessel while trying to rescue a 31st century Earth vessel in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode ‘Future Tense’. In comparison to other vessel ships, the Suliban Cargo Ship was equipped with particle cannon and the cloaking device, making it comparable to an NX-class starship.

This Suliban Cargo Vessel has been painstakingly recreated in die-cast and high-quality ABS materials and hand painted with an incredible level of detail showcasing every little detail on each of the individual pods attached to a central carrier ship.

Inside the magazine is an in-depth profile of a Suliban Freighter and how John Eaves came up with its modular design, plus take a look behind the scenes oat the creation and evolution of the Suliban in the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise.