Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection #123 Romulan Science Vessel

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The Romulan Space Vessel was used by the Romulan Star Empire in the mid-24th century to carry out scientific research missions, and to test experimental technologies. The ship shared many design characteristics with other Romulan vessels of the era. It had a predatory bird-like appearance, and the familiar dark green paint scheme. The head section of the science ship was its most obvious identifying feature, as it differed from the helmet-shaped head that was common to most other Romulan vessels of the time.

Your highly detailed Romulan Science Vessel model starship is accompanied by an informative 20-page magazine featuring a Starfleet-style technical report on the history of Romulan starships, by Star Trek illustrator and scientific expert Rick Sternbach, and take a look at how this Romulan vessel was created for the screen, plus much more!